Cripto Conserje has 6 key partners working on the initial Alpha Project. Their support is critical to launching a three-pronged approach to increase crypto adoption in Cúcuta. If you would like to get involved, please contact us.

Horizen, PAC coin, and Ohm coin

are the ideal partners to pilot this type of program for its commitment to privacy, continuous R&D, and a vibrant community-supported governance system. These projects share our mission of leveling the economic playing field through technology.


is a startup with a team of engineers that offers full services including IOS & Android App development, professional servers, and files encryption, but mainly focus on Blockchain, creating mineable and non-Mineable Cryptocurrencies & Tokens.


They are a group of engineers who provide a service where you can Send & Receive Crypto Currencies Over SMS, No Smartphone or internet needed!, Accept crypto currencies in your business, make crypto payments without Internet or become a crypto/local currency exchange in your area in seconds. Much of the construction of Cripto Conserje is thanks to them.

Toshl Finance

is a budgeting app that is accessible both via a web-based app and on virtually any mobile device. Toshl’s goal is to make money fun, so they’ve set up a friendly user interface to help you evaluate past spending habits, get a snapshot of your current finances, build realistic budgets for the future, and even remind you when bills are due. They will be donating their PRO subscription to all of our clients a $20 per year subscription. Giving our vendors the ability to link unlimited accounts and create unlimited budgets, they’ll also be able to upload pictures of receipts.

Pale Blue Foundation

seeks to empower people disenfranchised by economic instability in their home countries as the result of monetary crises, by providing humanitarian aid in the form of education and access to cryptocurrency and its markets. At the Pale Blue Foundation, we believe in an individual’s rights to sovereignty and private transactions. In collaboration with our blockchain development partners, we are creating Azul. Azul is an open source, peer-to-peer, censorship-resistant application that will provide access to cryptocurrency alternatives.